White paper on Service Performance Measurement Methods over 5G Experimental Networks

The verticals task force of the TMV work group of the 5G PPP just released the white paper on service performance measurement methods over 5G experimental networks. This white paper analyses vertical use cases of various domains for their performance KPIs and their mapping to 5G network KPIs. The scope is...

ETSI webinar on automated network slice scaling in multi-site environments

The upcoming ETSI webinar is showcasing “ZSM ISG PoC#2: Automated network slice scaling in multi-site environments”. In this webinar, a PoC demo applied over a network slice deployed across two 5G-VINNI facility sites in Spain and Greece will show OSM and OpenSlice stacks collaboratively work to provide automation means for...

5G-VINNI Business Layer maturity levels – D5.3

5G-VINNI deliverable D5.3 delivers the final 5G-VINNI Business Layer design and discusses how the identified Business Layer capabilities will gradually rollout along the 5G-VINNI Maturity Levels (MLs), starting from 5G-VINNI operation for internal experimentation purposes, up to the long-term vision for commercial 5G-VINNI experimentation as a service. In order to...

Presentation of the ZSM POC#2 available

The presentation of the ZSM POC#2, as described in a previous post is now available at the ETSI OSM site for download. As anticipated it is based on substantial contributions from the 5G-VINNI project. The image below shows the scenario setup for the PoC.

ZSM PoC#2 presentation at OSM-MR#10

Jose Ordóñez-Lucena from Telefonica, presents the on-going work on the ZSM PoC#2 at the OSM-MR#10 Ecosystem Day, taking place on 10th March 2021, 2:30pm-6:00pm CET. You can register and join the session here. Jose’s presentation is titled: “On the use of OSM to allow for automated network slice scaling in...

First ETSI ISG ZSM PoC#2 report

The first report of ETSI ISG ZSM PoC#2 is available at the ZSM wiki. The report incorporates substantial contributions from 5G-VINNI. The ZSM ISG PoC#2, entitled “Automated network slice scaling in multi-site environments”, has the aim of demonstrating the capacity to automatically scale out a deployed network slice instance across...

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