Summary of capabilities


The 5G Berlin facility is mainly concerned with providing the support for applications and vertical use cases embedding into a reference 5G networks environment composed of prototype 5G base stations, 4G support for being able to use off-the-shelf devices, an owned developed 5G core network as well as a set of enablers for backhaul selection and management including mmWave backhauling, satellite backhauling as well as best effort internet. The 5G-VINNI research facility in Berlin will concentrate on the development of customized solutions for the core network in order to assure the proper contribution towards the KPIs required by the identified use cases as well as the slicing and orchestration support for running multiple dedicated tenant networks, making it ideal to test and validate different network slices previous to their deployment in the live facility.

Summary of capabilities

  • 5G RAN prototype(s)
  • 5G Core (Open5GCore)
  • Edge cloud/e2e Orchestration (OpenBaton)
  • mmWave backhaul
  • Interconnection with remote islands in Betzdorf and Tokyo
  • Large scale events, Nomadic networks, Disaster Relief
KPIs and Use Cases

The following satellite 5G use cases will be addressed with major focus on PPDR:

  • Public Safety Communications, Emergency Response, Disaster Relief whereas the relevant key KPIs to be challenged and validated include Ubiquity, reliability and throughput
Architecture and Components of the Facility Site

The 5G Berlin facility is located around Fraunhofer FOKUS location in central Berlin and has an extended number of remote/edge connectivity islands, such as the SES’s satellite interconnected facility located in Betzdorf, Luxembourg and the 5G!Pagoda interconnection with the UTokyo as well as the support for interconnection with a nomadic small size 5G edge network which is used for demonstrations at large scale events and conferences.

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