There are in Europe several agreements among governments to provide cross-border scenarios for autonomic vehicles supported by 5G (several roads have been designated for autonomic driving experiments). How is the project aligned with these inter-government agreements? (these agreements are very important for the EC).

The agreements in place are in the scope of the 5G cross-border corridors for connected and automated mobility. In the framework of the 5G PPP the projects that address these agreements have been accepted under the ICT-18 call. 5G-VINNI does not directly support autonomous vehicle use cases and especially not in the scope of the 5G cross-border corridors. However 5G-VINNI is willing to discuss in detail any concrete proposal that may be addressed to 5G-VINNI, and take measures, within reasonable limits, to support such use cases.

What is the expected operational availability of the 5G-VINNI sites to external experimenters/projects? I.e. when it will be operational.

5G-VINNI plans to open the facility for external experimenters on 1st Jan 2020. At this point the main 5G-VINNI site facilities will offer 3GPP Rel. 15 compliant services and the means to experiment and test applications in the site facilities. Furthermore 5G-VINNI plans upgrade release cycles every 6 months, reaching a 3GPP Rel. 16 compliant facility by June 2021.


Is the 5G Vinni site to be available for NFR (The Research Council of Norway) funded project in Norway?

Yes, this is possible. Please send you concrete request to norway-facility@5g-vinni.eu

Will it be possible to run own orchestration softwares on 5G-VINNI sites?

In principle no, but this depends on the details of what you want to do. In some cases this could be organized. If you are interested please send a specific detailed request to 5G-VINNI-Contact@5g-ppp.eu

What type of API will be available to interact with the different orchestration layers?

In principle the APIs that will be exposed will be conforming to the standards e.g. agreed in 3GPP and ETSI MANO. Detailed service specifications will be published by 5G-VINNI in July/August 2019 largely in time when ICT-19 projects will start.

What UEs and especially modems will be given and/or supported?

A limited number of UEs will be made available for experimentation. In general these UEs will be the same that will be used for 5G-VINNI internal validation and performance measurements. The type of UEs depend on the specific site facility. For example in the UK site facility such UEs and modems will be provided by Samsung. The UK site facility expects to be able to support UEs from other sources, subject to their connection to the Samsung RAN. However you should also note that UEs and modems are not in the scope of 5G-VINNI and that ICT-19 projects will bring-in their own UEs and modems. If you need more details, please contact directly the site facility you are interested in. See the site facilities descriptions for the contacts.

Is there a minimum number for Use-Cases validation for ICT-19?

The site facilities plan to be able to simultaneously support a limited number of slices. The maximum number of ICT-19 Use Cases that can be supported, is depending on the complexity of the Use Case and the available capacity. If the demand is high a scheduling of the experiments on the site facilities will be implemented. In cases you have a high capacity demand you should plan to bring in you own equipment to support excess capacity requirements. External equipment and infrastructure can be connected, but it is very important that you contact the 5G-VINNI facility to discuss the details.

Can you tell us which network components are programmable?

Most of the components are programmable but we will not expose all functionality via APIs. Access to management interfaces for slices will certainly be available. Generally programmability of the lower layers will not be exposed, especially because this implies also many security issues. If you have specific requirements for lower layers programmability please contact 5G-VINNI and describe what you need and we will evaluate whether certain programmability capabilities can be exposed.

Where can the requirements form be found? Is it available at your WebPages of VINNI project?

Yes, please visit the webinar pages or directly download from here

Can ALL facility sites support connectivity and KPI testing with all typical 5G use cases like smart cities, smart healthcare, automotive, Industry 4.0, smart homes?

In principle yes; 5G-VINNI is use case agnostic. We would like to discuss support for use cases in terms of the 5G classes, i.e eMBB, mMTC and URLLC. Each 5G-VINNI site facility has its own focus; while some of the site facilities support all service classes, others focus on specific service classes. A big role plays also the stability of 3GPP standards for supporting some of the classes. For example the first supported class in 3GPP is eMBB.

Are there more details about mMTC ?

The 3GPP standards for mMTC are not ready yet. 5G-VINNI promises to implement the standards for mMTC when the become ready. Remember that 5G-VINNI is aligned with 3GPP Rel. 15 and Rel. 16 timelines. Certain 5G-VINNI site facilities are able today to provide NB-IoT and LTE-M services, but these are 4G services that may also be included in 5G.

Is it necessary to have a use-case in the vicinity of a facility site?

5G-VINNI provides network access at the specified locations. If your use case is at a different location, you will have to cover the deployment cost of the access network at you location as well as the connection (back-hauling) to the main facility. Then you can use the 5G-VINNI services.

For instance if you have a smart hospital and you want to test the connectivity does it have to be located close to the facility-site?

In such a case we would assume that the hospital already has suitable access nodes that connect the e.g. smart pharmaceuticals. This means that you have already or will cover the deployment cost for your local needs. Once the physical connection to one of the main site facilities has been established you can use the 5G-VINNI services. In any case it is advisable that you contact 5G-VINNI well in advance.

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