Basic Testing Guide

A new white paper has been published by the 5G PPP work group on Test, Measurement and KPI Validation. It describes how to use a basic starter kit for 5G KPIs Verification. The document includes a number of links to download testing software tools for this purpose. The testing bundle...

5G Techritory 2021 - 5G PPP

5G-VINNI results presented at 5G Techritory 2021

On the first day of 5G Techritory Forum 2021 (22-25 November 2021), Anastasius Gavras from Eurescom presented in the morning experiences and lessons from implementing 5G-VINNI’s 5G experimentation infrastructure for verticals services. His presentation was part of a session on the key findings of 5G PPP infrastructure projects. The other...

5G architecture - 5G PPP

4th release of 5G PPP white paper on 5G architecture published

In version 4.0 of the white paper “View on 5G Architecture”, the 5G PPP Architecture Working Group provides a consolidated view of the architectural efforts developed in the projects of the 5G PPP and other research efforts, including standardization. This serves not only to review the current state of the...

5G PPP Trials & Pilots 2021 brochure

5G-VINNI contribution in 5G PPP Trials & Pilots 2021 brochure

The latest edition of the 5G PPP Trials & Pilots brochure contains a contribution by 5G-VINNI on “5G & network slicing for the Norwegian Defence” (pages 8-9). The article describes the results of a 5G-VINNI trial that has been conducted with the Norwegian Defense at the 5G-VINNI Norway facility site....

5G-VINNI roundtable about orchestration and automation of network slicing on TelecomTV

On 28th September, TelecomTV published the second of two roundtable videos about 5G innovation for industry verticals. This roundtable focused on orchestration and automation of network slicing, in particular on how 5G-VINNI has proved how zero-touch digital orchestration can simplify network slicing and lay the foundation for reliable, profitable, industry-specific...

5G-VINNI E2E facility video

Video – The 5G-VINNI end-to-end facility for 5G use case trials

Ensuring that 5G-enabled applications and services perform well requires large-scale experimentation. The 5G-VINNI project has addressed this challenge by providing an end-to-end experimentation facility for 5G services. The video provides a brief overview on the 5G-VINNI facility and how it has enabled the validation of around 30 different vertical use...

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