Summary of capabilities

Release 0 of the UK facility is now deployed. The facility offers a full end-to-end 5G system with sub-6GHz and 28GHz radio at BT’s research centre at Adastral Park, Suffolk, UK


  • Slicing (eMMB, URLLC, mMTC)
  • Service Orchestration (Nokia)
  • NFV MANO, NFVI and vEMS (Samsung)
  • 5G RAN incl. 3.6 GHz and 28 GHz mmWave (Samsung)
  • 5G NSA Core (Samsung)
KPIs and Use Cases

The 5G-VINNI UK facility will validated against a wide set of use cases, sufficient to demonstrate capability required to support a broad spectrum of 5G services, tested against KPIs majoring on bandwidth, throughput, reliability, coverage and latency.  The UK facility will support a wide range of 5G applications and services, including, but not limited to:

  • Public safety, public protection and disaster relief – providing 5G capability typically in emergency situations, for example providing support and resource to blue-light services.
  • Transportation and connected vehicles – focusing on connectivity to vehicle, train, and other forms of transport. The UK 5G-VINNI facility will demonstrate a variety of use cases that support this major 5G service sector, covering critical communications, infotainment, diagnostics and external environment analysis.
  • Media production and distribution – providing the communications required to support rapid movement of content from creation to consumption, supporting media organisations on the move.
  • Health and social care – using 5G to improve people’s lives through easier access to healthcare services, typically involving great levels of on-site care.
  • AR/VR/MR – supporting a wide range of extended reality services supporting gaming, tourism, entertainment, and other services where the user’s experience can be enhanced through audio/visual innovations.

We have developed a highly flexible and dynamic test environment which can be adapted to meet requirements from other Horizon 2020 projects and external trial requirements

Architecture and Components of the Facility Site

5G functions in 3GPP domain (5G RAN and Core)

The facility offers both sub-6GHz Massive MIMO (3.6 – 3.7GHz) and mmWave (28GHz) 5G TF capabilities, combined with virtualized RAN, Core and EMS functions. These are supported with eMBB, URLLC and mMTC network slice capability. The vRAN and vCore are orchestrated by the NFVO and Service Orchestration functions.

End-to-end testing has shown full 5G capability across the Adastral Park site with download speeds up to 700Mbps for the 3.6GHz radio and up to 900Mbps for the mmWave.

Service Orchestration

Service Orchestration providing Network Slicing as a Service will be implemented by Nokia using core components from the Flowone suite. The implementation will integrate with 5G NFVO system from Samsung.

Architectural components and the partner providing these in the UK facility site

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