5G-VINNI base station air-lifted

5G base station air-lifted

A breath-taking moment for 5G-VINNI. The complete 5G base station being air lifted for installation at Norwegian Defense premise. The installation is part of one of the main use cases

Patras5G/5G-VINNI facility site Greece demonstrates Amarisoft 5G

Watch the video in which Patras5G, the 5G-VINNI Greece facility site demonstrates Amarisoft callbox 5G with Huawei CPE Pro 5G and Samsung A90 5G.

Service Level connectivity is live between Norway, Spain and Greece

The whole 5G-VINNI team is proud to announce that Service Level connectivity has been created between Norway, Spain and Greek facility sites. All  facilities expose their Customer Facing Services (CFSs)

Service Level connectivity between Greece and Spain

We are happy to announce that between Greece and Spain created a Service level connectivity. Both facilities expose their CFSs at public accessible locations: http://5g-vinni.5tonic.org/ , https://patras5g.eu We manage to exchange Service Specifications from our catalogs and make Service Orders between us. With this scenario, as showed in figure, customers...

Intercontinental 5G Network Slice

5G-VINNI 5TONIC Spain facility site and NorthEastern University (USA) ARENA site collaborate to create an intercontinental 5G network slice Experimentation at the 5G-VINNI Spain Facility. This article describes a joint-project, between the 5TONIC 5G-VINNI Spanish laboratory and the American NorthEastern ARENA laboratory, to create an intercontinental 5G network slice that...

Remote Robotic Control with 360° VR-based Telepresence

Experimentation at the 5G-VINNI UK Facility This article describes a project to demonstrate the use of two simultaneous paths through the 5G-VINNI network to undertake remote robotic control, while at the same time providing the robot’s controller with a 360° view from the robot’s cameras, viewed through a virtual reality...

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