5G-VINNI roundtable 1 on TelecomTV

5G-VINNI roundtable about 5G-enabled use cases on TelecomTV

On 21st September, TelecomTV published the first of two roundtable videos about 5G innovation for industry verticals. The session sponsored by 5G-VINNI partner Nokia featured two speakers from the project:

5G Performance White Paper

5G PPP White Paper – Contextualization and Impact Factors of 5G Performance Results

The 5G PPP work group on Test, Measurement and KPI Validation prepared a white paper in order to provide some insight on the factors that practically affect performance of deployed

5G architecture

5G PPP View on 5G Architecture – Version 4 for Public Consultation

On 2nd August 2021, the 5G PPP work group on architecture published version 4.0 of its series of white papers entitled “View on 5G Architecture”. This version includes the views

Architectural Evolution toward 6G Networks

The 5G PPP Architecture work group is organising a workshop on Architectural Evolution toward 6G Networks. The workshop is part of the 5G World Forum that is taking pace on

White paper on 5G-VINNI Business Layer Design

5G-VINNI introduces the notion of 5G-VINNI Business Layer, which is a collection of BSS and OSS functions required for the operation of pre-commercial 5G testbeds and commercial 5G networks. In

Open Data

Open data for validation of service assurance automation

5G-VINNI published experimental data used to validate “An Exposed Closed-Loop Model for Customer-Driven Service Assurance Automation”. The related research paper will be presented at EUCNC 2021. In the paper we

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