5G-VINNI Business Layer maturity levels – D5.3

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5G-VINNI deliverable D5.3 delivers the final 5G-VINNI Business Layer design and discusses how the identified Business Layer capabilities will gradually rollout along the 5G-VINNI Maturity Levels (MLs), starting from 5G-VINNI operation for internal experimentation purposes, up to the long-term vision for commercial 5G-VINNI experimentation as a service. In order to determine this gradual and phased rollout, a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) is applied, jointly taking into account: (i) the preferences of 5G-VINNI internal and external users, as well as (ii) the recommendation of project experts on the delivery period of the different Business Layer capability features, each of them supporting different requirements. Additionally, A set of Business and Economics (B&E) KPIs are promoted, aiming to evaluate the Business Layer capabilities performance, the overall business success and economic sustainability of the 5G-VINNI facility. The target values that should be achieved for each B&E KPI, over time-periods indicated by the 5G-VINNI Maturity Levels, are specified.
Finally, we introduce a set of Business Layer enabler mechanisms that facilitate the cross-domain operation of Business Layer, including service catalogues interworking, multi-facility wide quote management and revenue sharing policies.

Download the deliverable.

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