Norway Facility Site


5GNR in 4 locations (Rikshospitalet, Fornebu, Rygge, Herøya).
In planning:
– Fish farm (installed at Gjerdinga)
– Industry 4.0 (in NTNU)
– C-band and mmWave.

Mobile Core

NSA 5G EPC working.

5GSA : Riks and one BBU in Herøya site connected.  Huawei 5GSites to be connected later. 5GSA To be upgraded/reinstalled  soon.

TransportTelenor commercial transport
Edge computingAutonomous Edge for Defense Integrated in the lab. Moved to Rygge. Fish Farming Edge integrated in the lab, now at Gjerdinga
NFIOCP servers SDN switches OpenStack
MANONFVO,VIM (Nokia), PaaS (Ericsson
Service OrchestrationFlowone integration Done. Orchestration of SA to be done
E2E SlicingSlicing based on NSA done and demoed for defence, 2 SA slices deployed and working. Not fully orchestrated
SatelliteInstalled and operational at Rygge, but not integrated with Defence service
DevicesUpdates here:
Spectrum acquired3.6 GHz, 26 GHz. 2.1 for anchor. (Challenging with commercial roll out happening in parallel)
InterconnectionInterconnection and interworking ready but need to be tested with a usecase. HoloLens usecase with Norway, BT, AstrMed, NDMA
rel 16 features supported
Verticals engagement– Demo with defense done.
– 5GHeart : Fish farm and eHealth
– 5GSol: Industry 4.0 and Smart Port_On track

UK Facility Site

RadioAddition of 5G NR SA in sub 6GHz, inc 2 new antennas
Mobile Core
Virtualised 5G core
TransportDedicated BT transport
Edge computingEdge capability in place, with GPU servers
NFISamsung CMS
Service OrchestrationNokia NORC. Will include inter-facility orchestration
E2E SlicingNW slicing support from 5GC will be offered
Devices5G smartphones available
Spectrum acquiredAdditional spectrum acquired in 26GHz band for  FWA
InterconnectionHigh speed inter-connect being deployed between UK, Spain, Greece and Norway
rel 16 features supported
Verticals engagement3 ESB and 1 ICT-19 currently engaged. Large number of independent verticals also engaged

Spain Facility Site

RadioPart of the 5TONIC NR (mmw band, NR FDD, spectrum sharing)
Mobile CorePart of the 5TONIC NGC (5G Core SA)
Transport5TONIC optical mesh
Edge computingIntegrated with MANO and SO
NFIOpenStack-Stein Servers Switches
MANOOSM Release 7
Service OrchestrationOpenSlice
E2E SlicingOSM-based
DevicesSeveral CPEs and smartphones (Huawei)
Spectrum acquired3.6 assigned, other depends on regulator
InterconnectionGR, UK
rel 16 features supported
Verticals engagementedge use cases

Greece Facility Site

Mobile CoreOpen5GCore tests with 5GNR for 5G SA
TransportBased on ICOM solution
Edge computingPatras 5G Autonomous Edge
NFIServers SDN Switches Openstack
Service OrchestrationOpenslice
E2E SlicingOpenslice / OSM
Devices4xCPE (Huawei)(NSA/SA), 6 phones (Huawei/Samsung/Oneplus/Realme), 2 modems
Spectrum acquired3.5, 10MHz Bw from gov
InterconnectionTN, SP
rel 16 features supported
Verticals engagementMedia, User generated content Drone

Berlin Facility Site

RadioVarious 5G SA RAN Prototypes
Mobile CoreOpen5GCore
TransportTelenor commercial transport
Edge computingKubernetes, OpenStack
NFIKubernetes, OpenStack
MANOOpenBaton, OSM
Service Orchestration
E2E SlicingIncreasing data plane capacity to match base stations
SatelliteSES GEO satellite fleet
DevicesHuawei P40, Google Pixel 5
Spectrum acquired3.7-3.8GHz and other test bands from local operators
Paper publications / plansInterconnection and interworking ready but need to be tested with a usecase. HoloLens usecase with Norway, BT, AstrMed, NDMA
rel 16 features supported
Verticals engagementNomadic node, 5G-VICTORI

Munich Facility Site

RadioHuawei 5G RAN C-Band: 3.41 GHz, remote hospital integration
Mobile CoreExperimental HW/SW platform
TransportEthernet based
Edge computing
NFIBased on Docker and Mininet /floodlight
MANOCustomised Orchestration
Service Orchestration
E2E SlicingEMBB Slice
DevicesExperimental 5G UE, integration with ultrasound device
Spectrum acquiredC Band 3.41 GHz
Paper publications / plansINFOCOM & GLOBCOM publications – scheduling & blockchain
rel 16 features supported
Verticals engagement

Portugal Facility Site

RadioASOCS (running indoor, outdoor deployment underway)
Mobile Core

Open5GCore Rel 5

Transportplit 7.2 Ethernet Fronthaul; NG-PON2
Edge computingIntel Openness deployed; integration with O5GC under way.
NFIOpenStack, Kubernetes
MANOSonata 5.0
Service Orchestration Vertical Slicer / SONATA integration completed
E2E SlicingURLLC, mMTC
DevicesHuawei 5G CPE Pro H112-372
Spectrum acquired3.6 GHz; 5G NR Band n78 (ASOCS) – spectrum auction may change scenario
Paper publications / plansEdge computing and xHaul delayed
rel 16 features supported
Verticals engagementEFACEC use cases in progress; lab test&validation completed, site deploy. under way.

Luxembourg Facility Site

Mobile Core


TransportSatellite as Backhaul
Edge computingEdge-Central 5G Core Network split
MANOOpenBaton, OSM
Service Orchestration
E2E Slicing4 slice models for eMBB and mMTC use cases
SatelliteSES GEO satellite fleet; Fixed & Nomadic Terminals
Spectrum acquiredGEO Satellite  Ku-band
Paper publications / plansWiley IJSCN 2021, IEEE ISNCC 2021, Contributions to 3GPP Rel17 SA2 and SA5
rel 16 features supported
Verticals engagement

Key features per Facility and Release – 5G VINNI

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