5G-VINNI Flyer

5G-VINNI Flyer
Event name / material namePapers / presentation titleMain Author
IEEE ICC 2020Intelligent 5G Network Slicing
5G ACIA Plenary MeetingGuest presentation from European 5G-VINNI Project
Interdisciplinary Space Master (ISM) programme of the University of Luxembourg - 1st Semester Course Satellite communications & SecuritySatellite Communications in the 5G Ecosystem
10th FOKUS FUSECO ForumSlice and Expose: Enhancing Network Slicing Application by Means of Capability Exposure
10th FOKUS FUSECO Forum (FFF 2019)Satellite Integration with 5G and Edge Computing
10th FOKUS FUSECO ForumWhy Test as a Service (TaaS)? - Testing 5G Core Network Standard COnformity
CSCN 2019 IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking The use of 5G Non-Public Networks to support Industry 4.0 scenarios
3GPP SA5pCR 28.807 Roles related to NPN management
3GPP SA5pCR 28.807 UC Deployment of a stand-alone NPN with 3GPP and non-3GPP segments
IEEE 5G World Forum - 2nd workshop on 5G-Trials – From 5G Experiments to Business ValidationThe potential of 5G experimentation-as-a-service paradigm for operators and vertical industries: the case of 5G-VINNI facility
IEEE 5G World Forum (WF-5G) 2019Design of 5G End-to-End Facility for Performance Evaluation and Use Case Trials
ETSI ZSMZSM003 Use of GSMA General Slice Template in NSaaS scenarios
ETSI ZSMUse case for network and service performance optimization
ISM Module on SatComsSatellite Communications in the 5G Ecosystem
EuCNC 2019EuCNC 2019 Special Session "Validating and Demonstrating the Satellite Integration into 5G"MNOs View and Use Cases on Satellite Integration into 5G
ETSI ZSMExample of providing media streaming service by deployment of an E2E network slicingMapping
5G-VINNI Webinar for ICT-19 Proposers 5G-VINNI Webinar for ICT-19 Proposers
Press ReleaseTelenor Group to coordinate pan-European 5G project
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