As part of its objective to accelerate the adoption of 5G in Europe, 5G-VINNI provides a 5G end-to-end facility, composed of several interworking sites and distinct radio and network technologies. The 5G-VINNI facility lowers the entry barrier for vertical industries interested in piloting innovative use cases that demand the performance or flexibility of 5G solutions. If you believe your company is part of this group, and you have a relevant idea that you would like to share and work together with the 5G-VINNI partners, please fill the following questionnaire:

    Grade of Novelty

    Radical Innovation

    Completely new with high market impact. Paradigm shift for the customer and long-lasting diversification to a market competitor.

    Improved Innovation

    Significant improvement compared to an existing product line or process. Improvements at about 30%

    Routine Innovation

    Optimised existing solution which results in reduced production costs.

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