Intercontinental 5G Network Slice

5G-VINNI 5TONIC Spain facility site and NorthEastern University (USA) ARENA site collaborate to create an intercontinental 5G network slice Experimentation at the 5G-VINNI Spain Facility. This article describes a joint-project, between the 5TONIC 5G-VINNI Spanish laboratory and the American NorthEastern ARENA laboratory, to create an intercontinental 5G network slice that...

Remote Robotic Control with 360° VR-based Telepresence

Experimentation at the 5G-VINNI UK Facility This article describes a project to demonstrate the use of two simultaneous paths through the 5G-VINNI network to undertake remote robotic control, while at the same time providing the robot’s controller with a 360° view from the robot’s cameras, viewed through a virtual reality...

IEEE ICC 2020 Workshop on Intelligent 5G Network Slicing – Co-organized by 5G-VINNI & SliceNet

The IEEE ICC 2020 workshop on Intelligent 5G Network Slicing has been organized by SliceNet and 5G-VINNI to present the latest advances in network slicing, and results on experimentation and

Demonstrating Network Slicing and Automation in the 5G-VINNI Norway Facility site for a Defence use case

On March 12 and 13th 5G-VINNI made use of the Telenor Facility site to demonstrate Network Slicing and Automation with focus on the 5G Non-Standalone Core to the Telenor group as well to our US colleagues from the EMPOWER consortium. A recording of the demo is now published online for...

OpenTAP Architecture

Videos and presentations of 5G-VINNI training webinars on testing

5G-VINNI offered a series of training session webinars on testing and measurement of KPIs. This post consolidates the links to the training material Training session 1 – OpenTAP: introduction to

White paper on Onboarding Vertical Applications

5G-VINNI published a white paper on “Onboarding Vertical Applications on 5G-VINNI Facility”. You can download this publication from Zenodo. Visit the pages Dissemination and Other publications for more.

Webinar on verticals onboarding, testing and monitoring in 5G-VINNI

5G-VINNI held a webinar on Verticals Onboarding, Testing and Monitoring in 5G-VINNI. The webinar shed light on how 5G-VINNI onboards vertical applications using the Network Slice as a Service (NSaaS)

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