IEEE ICC 2020 Workshop on Intelligent 5G Network Slicing – Co-organized by 5G-VINNI & SliceNet

The IEEE ICC 2020 workshop on Intelligent 5G Network Slicing has been organized by SliceNet and 5G-VINNI to present the latest advances in network slicing, and results on experimentation and trials in the verticals. The workshop will take place virtually, on the 11th June 2020, from 10.00 to 13.30 CEST....

Demonstrating Network Slicing and Automation in the 5G-VINNI Norway Facility site for a Defence use case

On March 12 and 13th 5G-VINNI made use of the Telenor Facility site to demonstrate Network Slicing and Automation with focus on the 5G Non-Standalone Core to the Telenor group as well to our US colleagues from the EMPOWER consortium. A recording of the demo is now published online for...

OpenTAP Architecture

Videos and presentations of 5G-VINNI training webinars on testing

5G-VINNI offered a series of training session webinars on testing and measurement of KPIs. This post consolidates the links to the training material Training session 1 – OpenTAP: introduction to test composition and automation Date: March 3rd 2020, 14:00-15:00 CET Watch the recorded webinar Download the presentation slides from this website...

White paper on Onboarding Vertical Applications

5G-VINNI published a white paper on “Onboarding Vertical Applications on 5G-VINNI Facility”. You can download this publication from Zenodo. Visit the pages Dissemination and Other publications for more.

Webinar on verticals onboarding, testing and monitoring in 5G-VINNI

5G-VINNI held a webinar on Verticals Onboarding, Testing and Monitoring in 5G-VINNI. The webinar shed light on how 5G-VINNI onboards vertical applications using the Network Slice as a Service (NSaaS) delivery model to offer customized service experience to verticals. The webinar is targeted to designers and developers of vertical industry...

Training webinars on test and KPI measurement

5G-VINNI held a training webinar on OpenTAP test composition and automation. This webinar was the first of five webinars on test and KPI measurement that 5G-VINNI offers. The webinar was given by Lars Nielsen from Keysight Technologies and was attended by close to 40 participants. The webinar is recorded and...

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