ETSI ZSM PoC on Automated Network Slice Scaling in Multi-Site Environments

The ZSM PoC Management team has officially approved the PoC proposal backed by 5G-VINNI members Telefonica – Telenor – Universidad Carlos III (UC3M) – University of Patras (UoP) and supported by Openslice. The PoC is titled “Automated Network Slice Scaling in Multi-Site Environments”. This Proof of Concept aims at demonstrating...

Digital Business marketplace

The catalyst Digital Business Marketplace won the TMForum award for Business Impact. Led by BT and championed by Telenor we shared 5G-VINNI work on business layer requirements originating in Deliverable D5.2 Watch the award ceremony video and read the press TMForum press release.  

Demos on StandAlone 5G, Orchestration and Slicing from the 5G-VINNI Norway Facility site

A set of innovative demonstrations showing progress in the implementation of the 5G-VINNI Norway Facility site was given at the 3rd Nordic Conference on ICT: 5G for Industry & Society 5.Nov 2020. The first demonstration showed the Orchestration of Network Slices with end-to-end automation to achieve zero touch deployment. It...

5G-VINNI presenting 5G mmWave tests and measurements

Rohde & Schwarz invited Dr. Kashif Mahmood and Dr. Ole Grøndalen from Telenor as guest speaker to present the results of the Measurements from 5G-VINNI on 5G mmWave. The life seminar on  Efficient 5G field measurements with Mobile Network Testing solutions from Rohde & Schwarz was held on 3 November.

Efficient 5G field measurements with Mobile Network Testing solutions from Rohde & Schwarz

If you want to know how rain, trees, body, +++ affect #mmWave #5G, then login to the Rohde & Schwarz seminar where Kashif Mahmood and Ole Grøndalen from 5GVINNI will answer these questions. Register for the webinar

5G-VINNI base station air-lifted

5G base station air-lifted

A breath-taking moment for 5G-VINNI. The complete 5G base station being air lifted for installation at Norwegian Defense premise. The installation is part of one of the main use cases being performed in 5G-VINNI towards validation of verticals applications. The so called defense use case is being supported by a...

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