In order to complement as well as summarise topics above, please consider the following questions on the reasons for adopting or not adopting 5G.

    21. What are the main drivers for adopting 5G technologies (multiple options can be selected)?
    Desire to be seen as innovativeImportance of patents and Intellectual PropertyFirst-mover advantage for new products and servicesBetter customer experienceBetter decisionsBetter servicesEnhanced ability to create value for customersEnhanced opportunities for customized solutions for our needsSolve business critical issuesReduced costReduced riskIncreased profits/ Reduced financial lossesReduced failuresReduced consequences of failuresImproved response timeEconomies of scale and scope will have positive net effect on societyAdd any missing drivers (Optionally):

    22. What are the main barriers to adopting 5G technologies (multiple options can be selected)?
    Concerns around data security and privacyLack of industry forum setting direction for the community / emerging ecosystemLack of standardsChallenges of end-to-end implementationLack of available knowledge and insight about 5GLack of access to trials and experimentation with 5GToo soon to know what the real benefits will beLack of budget/investmentSenior stakeholder buy-in/concernsLack of use casesLack of platforms to take full advantage of 5GLack of a mature ecosystemUncertainty about other actors’ intentionsDistrust in other actorsOpportunities related to current generation of mobile networks not yet fully exploitedLack of applicationsAdd any missing barriers (Optionally):

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