5G-VINNI roundtable about 5G-enabled use cases on TelecomTV

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5G-VINNI roundtable 1 on TelecomTV

Discussing 5G-VINNI results (from left): moderator Guy Daniels, 5G-VINNI Coordinator Pål Grønsund from Telenor Research and David Kennedy, Director of Eurescom

On 21st September, TelecomTV published the first of two roundtable videos about 5G innovation for industry verticals. The session sponsored by 5G-VINNI partner Nokia featured two speakers from the project: 5G-VINNI Coordinator Pål Grønsund from Telenor Research and David Kennedy, Director of Eurescom. They discussed, how 5G-VINNI has contributed to unlocking the value of 5G-enabled use cases. Pål Grønsund shared the achievements and lessons learned through the 5G-VINNI project, while David Kennedy presented Eurescom’s perspective on the drivers behind the 5G PPP programme as a European, multi-vendor 5G environment for vertical industry-driven 5G use case trials.

The second 5G-VINNI roundtable video will be published by TelecomTV on Tuesday, 28th September. Panelists are Deepa Ramachandran, Director Product Management – Digital Operations at Nokia, Dr. Ilangko Balasingham, Professor of Medical Signal Processing and Communications at the Intervention Center of Oslo University Hospital, and Kennet Nomeland, Senior Radio System Architect at Norwegian Defence.

A week later, on Tuesday, 5th October, an online Q&A session will take place, in which anyone interested has the chance to ask a question to the 5G-VINNI speakers from both sessions.

Further information and registration for the Q&A session are available on the TelecomTV website.

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