5G PPP View on 5G Architecture – Version 4 for Public Consultation

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On 2nd August 2021, the 5G PPP work group on architecture published version 4.0 of its series of white papers entitled “View on 5G Architecture”. This version includes the views of 5G PPP Phase III of the and is now available for public consultation. Among other projects, 5G-VINNI significantly contributed to this white paper.  Version 4.0 covers the areas 5G business modelling and ecosystem, non-public networks, network slice as a service, slice lifecycle management, cross-domain orchestration, edge computing, testing as a service, and last but not least satellite integration.

All experts are invite to review the white paper and provide comments and feedback via e-mail by 16 September 2021. After consolidation of the received comments and feedback the white paper will be published in its final version.

5G PPP – View on 5G Architecture V 4.0 – draft for public consultation (August 2020)

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