ETSI ZSM PoC on Automated Network Slice Scaling in Multi-Site Environments

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The ZSM PoC Management team has officially approved the PoC proposal backed by 5G-VINNI members Telefonica – Telenor – Universidad Carlos III (UC3M) – University of Patras (UoP) and supported by Openslice. The PoC is titled “Automated Network Slice Scaling in Multi-Site Environments”.
This Proof of Concept aims at demonstrating the capacity to automatically scale out a deployed network instance across multiple administrative domains. This will be achieved using the 5G assets of 5G-VINNI, which is a large-scale, end-to-end facility composed of several interworking sites, each deployed at a different geographic location and defining a single administrative domain. The management and orchestration capabilities of individual sites, and the enablers allowing for the interworking across them, are aligned with ZSM architectural design principles. The PoC fits the end-to-end (E2E) service management scenario category detailed in ZSM 001, considering the slicing features specified in ZSM 003.
ETSI members can access the full PoC proposal at “Automated Network Slice Scaling in Multi-Site Environments”.
The PoC final report is planned for April 2021.
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