Demonstrating Network Slicing and Automation in the 5G-VINNI Norway Facility site for a Defence use case

On March 12 and 13th 5G-VINNI made use of the Telenor Facility site to demonstrate Network Slicing and Automation with focus on the 5G Non-Standalone Core to the Telenor group as well to our US colleagues from the EMPOWER consortium. A recording of the demo is now published online for everyone to watch.

Kennet Nomeland from Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA), Pål Grønsund, Telenor

This was an opportunity to show to a wider audience what has been done even today within the EC funded 5G-VINNI program to allow Network Slicing and Automation to become a reality.

The demonstration was performed on the Norway facility site which is a production size platform and is part of the overall large-scale 5G-VINNI Facility .

Focus was on Automation of Network Slices within the NFVI, MANO, and the customer facing Service Orchestration of a Network Slice-as-a-Service. The environment comprises leading edge components from multiple vendors.

Kennet Nomeland from Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA), is participating in the 5G-VINNI External Stakeholder Board (ESB) and is working with 5G-VINNI on the implementation.


The demonstration seeks to:

  • Give an insight into the importance of Automation for 5G Verticals,
  • Show how to design Different Slices types: eMBB, mMTC, URLLC and customized Slices and how these can be instantiated for different use cases.
  • Show how to build up the Virtual Network Functions as grouping of Network Service Descriptors, what interfaces of standard type or plug-ins are required to allow automation in the whole service infrastructure and ecosystem.
  • Deploy and Terminate Network Slices as a Service which are comprised of a combination of different underlying elemental Network Services available on a common infrastructure rapidly with ‘one click’ using a Service Orchestrator and the Design Time and Run Time processes to allow this to happen.

A specific example of Slice design for a Defence use case in a distributed architecture with Core and Edge sites gives an example service where Network Slicing and Autonomation is applied in a complex network setup and with a broad range of service levels offered by different Slices types.

Demo of the implementation of a network slice using 5G for the Norwegian Defense

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