Linux Foundation’s Open Network Summit: 5G-VINNI demo at the Keysight/OpenTAP booth

The 5G-VINNI project played a central role at the Linux Foundation’s Open Networking Summit, showcasing the power of OpenTAP, the newborn open source community that Keysight Technologies released in May. By implementing the Test-as-a-Service vision on an OpenTAP core, Keysight and the 5G-VINNI are growing a community ecosystem around 5G virtualized infrastructure testing. The 5G-VINNI demo at the Keysight/OpenTAP booth has been visited by many actors in the Linux Networking Foundation and its open source communities. The traffic at the demo station increased after a compelling keynote talk delivered by Pierre Lynch, Senior Technologies at Communication Solutions Group, Keysight, and Chairman of the ETSI NFV TST Working Group, that stressed the importance of 5G-VINNI as an effective deployment of the OpenTAP-based solutions for testing the project’s Main Facility Sites.

Keynote: Why Open Source for Test Automation? - Pierre Lynch, Lead Technologist, Keysight

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