Fraunhofer FOKUS releases Open5GCore Rel. 4

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During the FUSECO Forum 2018, Fraunhofer FOKUS launched the 3GPP Release 15 based Open5GCore being the first 5G core network implementation that we will use as basis for the 5G-VINNI Patras and Berlin experimental facilities.


The new Open5GCore features a large number of new components which enable the establishment of true 5G testbeds, breaking from the LTE/EPC prototypes:

  • Integration with 5G NR standalone

o   N1 interface [with an implementation of a UE simulation and of the AMF and SMF]

o   N2 interface [NG-AP with a simulated gNB towards the core network]

o   N3 interface – we have ported the GTP modules from the Open5GCore Rel. 3

  • Data path diversity support:

o   N4 interface – a new implementation of PFCP supporting chaining of UPFs, data path selection and data path reselection.

  • A basic implementation of SBA – this includes HTTP/2, OpenAPI and REST as well as an exemplary NRF and very basic AUSF/UDM


For more information please visit open5gcore

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